You might be curious how does Verkada know to notify the authorities when trouble arises. Verkada uses National Monitoring Center or NMC, which is one of the top monitoring companies nationwide. They allow us the possibility to tailor what you want out of your security system for you. If it is tracking when your children come home from school they can do that by monitoring your alarm system. If you would like to be able to monitor your parents or other family members who need to be watched they allow that and make it where you can talk back and forth with them without them even having to move. NMC also allows the capability of notifying you about temperature changes on appliances such as refrigerators or freezers. National Monitoring Center has prevented over 40,000 crimes from happening worldwide. They always have a full team watching over and making sure no crime is happening under their watch. Verkada wants to prevent crimes from occurring and ensure safety through their security system that is why they are partnered with National Monitoring Center.